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Melvin Perry

Director of Fitness/Strength


  • Melvin Parris has been in the fitness industry in varying capacities since 2001.

  • Bringing almost 2 decades of health, fitness, and 43 yrs of life experiences.

  • Served in roles including Personal Trainer, Training Manager for big-box health club companies.

  • Experience in both training and business management areas.

  • Ran Big box fitness facilities during his off seasons until 2014, and has continued since in the private sector.

During the years he has built the network around him to help become the business man, father of an awesome daughter, and a God fearing man.  Leadership and management experience extends back to 1999 when I became the captain of 2 sports in college and vice president of athletics on the student government.  He carried these skills into the professional sports arena where he continued his role as a captain and leader.  Now he currently owns a fitness company where he services people of all ages and professions, from 3rd grade sports, business professionals, to professional athletes.

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