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Our Philosophy

At AlphaTennis we believe in training that builds individuals that are strong and independent. We want to develop intellectual tennis players that are students of the game. Students that watch tennis and are active in their learning understand skills and concepts quickly. Long term development requires the player/ parent/ coach to work together based on the same plan. We believe players should be strong competitors while keeping a balanced and healthy approach to the sport.

When we create the right team atmosphere the students enjoy the game. They stay in the sport and are free to become creative and self motivated. We believe in allowing their personalities to grow through the sport, leading to individual gamestyles. Students will learn to ask questions and make their own decisions. Our students will be known for their fight and determination.

Tennis is a great sport that teaches many life skills through competition and training. Our club has a family centered approach that allows everyone involved to have fun and create a positive environment. We hope that we can play a part in helping your children grow as athletes and individuals.

Development of the student includes athletic, behavioral, mental, social, tactical and technical skill-sets. The key to development is adding the right skills together at the right time, but in less time than the competition, steepening the learning curve. Our program will meet the individual needs of the students through the experience of our coaches. All players should play according to their skill set and personalities. Match play and acquisition of skills into matches will be a strong area of focus.

Parents should commit to tournament tracks set forth by the coaches. Playing the right events at the right times allows for students to maximize tactical and mental skill acquisition.

The program focuses on competition and point play. All students will learn skills that enable them to have success winning matches at the older age groups of junior tennis. We have coaches that are specialized in mental training and strength and conditioning.

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